We are back, rested…and open for business as from Tuesday 7th January 2020. We wish you, your employees and your families a productive and prosperous new year. Let us help you to achieve greater value in your business with our cost-effective fastener solutions and world-famous ISO 9001-2008 Sun Start range of fastener products. Contact us now… 0110265856… 0839826647

South Africa’s premier wholesale distributor of the finest fastener products, fastener accessories and tools

We sell the things that keep it all together

Who we are

Dawon ZA is a proudly South African brand, and an importer and wholesale distributor of the finest fastener products. We believe in this country, and we’re helping to build it, by supplying the very stuff that keeps its all together.

What we do

Dawon ZA and its partner in China – Sun Start, collaborate to give you the best in fasteners, screws, nuts, threaded rods & accessories. Our products serve users in all industries including construction, electrical, engineering, aviation and mining

Why choose us

Our competent sales team is well equipped with sound technical knowledge and experience, and take pride in providing prompt responses to all enquiries and sales. Thus customer needs and requirements are promptly addressed. Put them to the test.